Friday, June 24, 2005


I forgot to blog all about the carpet ripping-up process (dusty and involving yelling), how we got rid of it (and the crappy underlay), and how the carpet-laying was a revelation.

I have also been too cheery to have a well-deserved bitch about some relatives who have royally screwed with our planned holiday by reneging on the offer of accommodation, and are too busy to even pick us up from the airport.

Ah well, instead I'll leave it till Monday.

This weekend, I plan to visit the library and relax (i.e. knit). Speaking of relaxing, Violet, is this hat too crazy? (Your baby will be cuter of course!)


Blogger Violet said...

Never mind the rellies, I'm sure you'd have a better time staying in a nice B and B anyway. The hat looks really cute in a medieval sort of way - and yes, I certainly hope my baby will be cuter...

11:17 am  

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