Friday, June 10, 2005

Weekend plans

Do you plan your weekend, or does it all just kind of happen?

I'm from the "make some plans, including time to chill out" camp myself - I like to make sure I'll get important things done, but I also need a heavy dose of relaxation at the weekends, particularly as work has been quite busy.

This weekend, for example, we've got to tidy up for our new carpet (AKA clearing out loads 'o' crap to give to the City Mission so we can manage our possessions), visit wool shop I heard about for my knitting (I only ever get around to visiting at weekends, thanks to work!), do the grocery shopping, do general laundry and cleaning stuff, sort out the plants that are going a bit crazy on the balcony, return my library books, relax, and visit my parents.

Actually, the last bit was my idea. Ever since my youngest brother left home and their supply of houseguests ran out, the parentals have seemed a bit lonely. My dad especially, I think because he is lucky enough not to work full-time, and because he is still adjusting to my grandmother (his mum) not being here.

Hot on the heels of our recent and very successful pizza-making dinner, I decided to introduce the parentals to the joys of *delicious* home-made pizza.

I emphasise "delicious" here, because for years my dad's idea of great "home-made" pizza has been to get a frozen pizza and add stuff on top (like pasta sauce and lots of cheese and some weird stuff that was left over) and cook it till the edges are waaaay too cooked and the centre is warmed through, but the cheese on the frozen pizza base is not yet melty.

They were the pizza horrors of my childhood, and in many ways it is a miracle that any of us still eat pizza. But I am willing to be brave and re-educate dad - plus, since I'm making the dough, we will all have several individual mini-pizzas to create/ desecrate as we wish.

My mother, incidentally, is a no-pineapple kind of person. Fool.


Blogger Violet said...

Pineapple has no business being on a pizza.

As for the making of plans, I find it too frustrating trying to make plans unless it's for days when the boy is off at work and I"m not. When I try to plan for us both, the boy seems to pretend he doesn't have a clue and ends up sleeping or playing computer games in that time instead.

5:22 pm  
Blogger Nyx said...

God you do a lot on your weekends. How do you find the energy after a hectic week at work?

Personally, since I've started working I mostly love to chill at home on the weekends. We tried a few full-on weekends and returned to work on monday even tireder than ever - it wasn't working for us.

2:34 pm  

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