Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Multicoloured fingers?

Some people would say I have green fingers, because our plants are happy, even when they are negelcted.

Some people would allege that I have no fingers, because they move so quickly over the keyboard (well, the 4 fingers and my thumbs move quickly - the rest are kind of surplus to typing requirements for me!).

The Trouser would say that recently I've had black fingers. This is because the wool I'm using to knit my cardigan (when I'm not attempting other things) is "bleeding" wool all over my fingers as I knit.

It does wash off... kind of... My fingernails had a faintly dirty tinge, despite loads of washing, so I cut them off.

Damn you, producers of inferiorly-dyed wool!


Blogger Violet said...

It reminds me of the times I've bought cheap denim to make shorts and jeans from, and found they left my legs a lovely grey-blue colour.

5:47 pm  

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