Monday, June 13, 2005

What we ended up doing on the weekend

What I'd planned for the weekend was, as always, quite ambitious. There is always lots to do, but as usual, we didn't manage it all. Ah well c'est la vie!

However, we did manage: brunch @ Byzantium; a trip to buy wool and stationery supplies (tho not the exciting trip I'd planned, it did the trick); dropping off books to be sold; some work for The Trouser and some knitting and a nap for me; about 4 loads of laundry; some good tv watching; 2 trips to the supermarket; making pizza dough and catching up with my family; and tidying one room up for the carpet.

The Trouser even managed a bath, the lucky sod.

All in all, not an entirely unsuccessful weekend, both work- and relaxation-wise. It is always a struggle to do all the chores in the weekend (since The Trouser seems to think my "do 15 minutes every night and there will be loads less to do in the weekend" approach is a good idea only in theory), and to balance that with the amount of relaxation we need, but I think we did ok this weekend.

We're well on track for the carpet-ripping-up session later this week: all I need to do is get some boxes to make moving our fiddly stuff around easier, and work on a plan to move it all. That, and figure how to get the dye from the black wool I've been knitting to stop staining my fingernails...

Another pizza-related question: lots of tomato paste, or very little? (I prefer it a couple centimetres thick.)


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