Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Employee benefits

I once worked for a large NZ firm, in a "cool, hip" division. This was at the very tail end of the Internet boom.

We had Sky, couches, brightly-coloured meeting rooms, a lolly jar and an espresso machine.

The first 3 had minimal impact on me, though I did try to eat lunch on the couches, as opposed to at my desk.

The latter 2, however, were detrimental to my health. Combine ridiculous deadlines from a crazy boss (it was certified - well, kind of!) with loads of stress, 8 flat whites per day (highly sugared, of course), frequent forays into the lolly jar, and little time to make, find or eat a proper lunch, and I was a sick little girl.

Systemic candida. Nice.

I'm more sensible now, and wary of over-sugaring myself. I try to eat acidophilus yogurt or garlic at least once a day (though never in the same meal, since they kill each other off).

But Google's display of yummy treats still gets a longing look or three...


Blogger Violet said...

Mmmmmmm...baked goods....

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