Wednesday, June 29, 2005


I read an article in the Granny Herald today (sorry, couldn't find it online to link to) that talked about happiness being a choice.

Although I have been working like a fool and the weather has been crap (cold and rain are NOT my idea of fun!), I have found myself happier recently.

(Now that I've said it, I'm sure it will all crap out on me, says my cynical side.)

I attribute it to The Trouser being extra-sweet, the wonders of Bio-Oil (great skin always cheers me, and this is a big gain for very little effort), and lots and lots of peaceful knitting time.

In fact, I don't think I would feel as sane or centred as I do if I wasn't knitting. It may be weird, but it has really calmed me.

Wishing I had a digital camera to show y'all what lovely things I'm making. Especially the bootees and hat for Violet (well, her baby anyway). They are so tiny and so cottony-cute!

Did you ever read the Charlie Brown book, Happiness is? For me, happiness is a warm house with The Trouser and time to knit.


Blogger Violet said...

I have to see the hat and bootees, for sure. It's not so unusual that knitting is so therapeutic for you. It's an activity that absorbs you. I used to be like that with life drawing, when I used to go regularly. It's really healthy to have an absorbing interest.

9:52 pm  

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