Thursday, July 14, 2005

The Trip

Violet, you're right - I haven't explained where we're going on The Trip! (I feel my excitement, and the fact that we've discussed and then planned this trip for ages, justifies the wild capitalisation there.)

First off, a week in Buenos Aires to visit some of The Trouser's family. We've never met them, but from all accounts they're lovely. They own a shoe factory (o joy!) and the older members of the family only speak German or Spanish, so I will be putting my very rusty linguistic skills to work for us!

From BA, it's on to Florida, to visit some of my family for a week. It's hurricane season there, so hope we don't have a Dennis thrown at us!

Then we're off to the original Windy City - that's Chicago, not Wellington! - for a week with yet more of my family, and perhaps a trip to a lakeside cottage in Michigan.

After that, it's a week in New York. We *were* going to stay with The Trouser's sister and her husband, but they are rude-arses and withdrew their much-touted offer of accommodation only after we'd booked our international (and expensive to change) tickets, and booked and paid for out internal (non-refundable, non-changeable) tickets. Let's just say they ain't getting *any* presents at all - especially not lovely knitted ones.

After that, we fly back to BA for a couple of days, then we're home in time for a weekend of rest. It's about 5 weeks all up, and I am hanging out for it!

The other important part of The Trip that I foolishly forgot to blog about is that it inspired me to join the digital age, so we bought a digital camera to take with us!

Technically it is my birthday present. I say technically because The Trouser is having a lot more fun with it than I am. It is quite tiny though, so he may have to let me use it if his hands are too big to hold it properly!

Aside from the trip, this also means I will be able to take photos of my knitting projects, yay! Then you could see how I cleverly stopped knitting something butt-ugly, and messed around with someone else's pattern to make it quite beautiful.

If I ever get a break from knitting (and packing) that is!


Blogger Violet said...

That sounds tememdous! I've always wanted to visit New York, and although I have actually been to Buenos Aires it was only for a few hours stopover (plus I didn't know anyone there). If you get time to, keep up posted on your blog (including some photos from your new camera).

12:14 pm  
Blogger Nyx said...

I am so jealous.

11:25 pm  
Blogger The Skirt said...

It's been almost 3 looong years since we took proper time off work, and over 5 years since I saw my grandma. Good excuses to take the time!

1:03 pm  

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