Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Counting down

Our upcoming holiday is coming closer and closer. Only 18 sleeps to go (I think?)!

According to The Trouser, I am already moving into relaxation mode - i.e. expressing feelings of tiredness, and the desire to spend as much time as possible engaged in non-work-related activities.

Well, more so than usual, anyway.

It's weird, but I think he's right. It's weird because usually it takes me a couple of weeks to wind down, so for example, I would be properly relaxed by the end of a 2-week holiday.

This time around, I think it's a combination of crazy work stress and getting sick that has tipped me over the edge. So by the time we get on the plane, I will probably be relatively relaxed - as long as packing and gift-knitting don't get me all tangled up in knots!

Speaking of the cold, it's still hanging on. My cough is not as noisy or as productive, thanks to the foul-tasting but eminently effective Robitussin. I HATE their ad almost as much as I hate the foul, bitter after-taste of the cough syrup. Buy Benadryl instead - it is sugary-tasting but doesn't make you want to retch!

My saving grace in this last-bit-of-the-cold-lingering-for-days-and-perhaps-weeks stage has been my Kleenex tissues with lemon oil and lime. Actually, I like any of their scented tissues, and lavender is usually my choice - but the citrus-y scent has significantly improved my mood recently.

Anyway, more importantly, our trip plans are going well: we bought luggage (expandable, pale blue, The Trouser's choice!), got presents for the kids (Tamagotchi, 2x magnetic build-things kits, Play-dough), and have made inroads on the gifts for other people, including my grandma's cardigan, which I have bored people to tears about, and this little number in a dark purple for our South American hostess.

We even booked our accommodation where required, and have booked a rental car - a convertible, no less - for the driving part of our trip (i.e. a visit to a place with no public transportation!).

Hurry up already (whines) - I want to go *now*!


Blogger Violet said...

I must've missed the post where you tell us all where you're going on holiday (or just forgotten). So - where are you off to?

4:13 pm  

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