Friday, July 15, 2005

Ah, chai

I've been really tired recently, so when I remembered that there was a work function today (in theory a non-compulsory social occasion where partners are invited to attend - which, in practice, means attendance is practically mandatory and The Trouser will be the only partner to show up, plus it won't be terribly social since we'll all talk shop), I decided to sleep in a bit.

When I sleep in, I suck at getting breakfast sorted. So I knew it was time for *yet abother) trip up to one of my favourite cafes.

I got what I always get there - soy chai and a cinnamon brioche. (My home-made brioche are better, but theirs are available and fresh.)

When I first started going to the current incarnation of this cafe (new ownership y'see), it was all great except for the horrible chai. It was too sweet, too aniseed-y, and generally rotten.

So I told them it was crap, and that I preferred delicious chai. I suggested that the cafe workers tell the owner to get some of the good stuff and at least trial it. (Another cafe in the near vicinity did stock it, but didn't advertise it, and it was up several flights of stairs, so it was unlikely I'd ever benefit!)

They did, and they have kept it on ever since.

Power to the people!


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