Monday, July 18, 2005

Fruits of my labours, part 1

After going on and on and on (!!) about my knitting, you can finally see some of the fruits of my labours - the bootees and hat for Violet's baby.

They are knit in 100% cotton, and using patterns that I found online.

The hat is a lot more attractive when modelled by Violet's panda. I know babies are meant to be universally cute, but the baby-hat-model was definitely not.

In making these, I have firmly established myself as one of the weirder people at work. Apparently no one else there has ever sent off a gift to someone they haven't met in person yet.



Blogger Violet said...

It just means you're special ;-)

4:32 pm  
Blogger jussi said...

very cute, now I have tagged you for a meme, get the questions from my blog, have fun!

8:10 pm  

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