Monday, July 25, 2005


...for it to be time to take our trip.

...for 6 months to pass so I can buy a paperback copy of Harry Potter 6 - as a librarian's daughter I need a matching set of books!

...for my cold to finally go away.

...for my birthday (BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!), even though I think everyone has pretty much forgotten about it, and I will be far, far away. I will still get a small present from The Trouser - I know because he bought it very un-covertly.


Blogger Violet said...

As an ex-librarian in training, I don't feel the need for all the books in a series to be matching. But they do need to be shelved together (and not too tightly, with a little gap between the book and the back of the shelf). So are you going to wait a whole 6 months to read it?

1:21 pm  
Blogger The Skirt said...

I blame my mum (in a good way) because all the series of books I ever got as a child/ young adult were matching.

I hope to not have to wait that long to read it - but I think I am prepared to. I feel the weensiest bit guilty about requesting thru the library, since it will mean someone else will have to wait - plus they'll probably charge me for it, the miserly bastards!

3:31 pm  

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