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Yes folks, it's the "These are the days of our lives" meme.

I've never been tagged before - but thanks to the lovely Jussi, here goes...

10 years ago
I was "doing a Liesl" - that is, I was 16 going on 17 and in a German-speaking country. Germany, in fact.

(BTW that's a The Sound of Music reference. Yes, I like TSOM. So shoot me!)

Anyway, I was an exchange student. My first host family were freaky, but the second family were less dysfunctional and generally very nice. I went to school and did all the usual things.

I wasn't very good at speaking English after a while - the immersion method of language learning is really very effective - and it made for some fun phone calls with my parents!

For the first time ever, I wasn't doing too well at school - and I was loving it. (Chemistry is hard enough without having to translate it all!) In addition to German, I was learning a bit of Spanish and Italian - the latter necessitating extra classes every second Saturday, would you believe?

I got the chance to travel a bit in Germany and Hungary, and to enjoy the lovely food and drink. Mmm, German chocolate, cakes, noodles, sausages, currywurst, beer, gummy bears... not a lot of vegetables. Although I was not a porker at the beginning, I became one!

Everyone thought I looked older than I was, and I took advantage of this by going to the local nightclub - quite a change from teenage life in suburban Auckland!

Although I didn't actively knit at this point, I had knitted myself a jumper to bring along. I think I wore it once.

5 years ago
Hmmmm.... Spent the dawn of the millennium alone, because my then-boyfriend was a tosser. He broke my heart later that year by breaking up with me over the phone on Vlaentine's Day, when I was working.

I didn't have much taste in men, really. Well, not any good taste!

I was studying at University at this time - I'd ditched law and was working on my BA. Living with the parents in suburbia (it was free, after all), and one I was single again, going out a lot with friends.

This was the most recent time I visited my family in the US, a trip with my mum and one of my brothers. I missed driving during the trip - I'd just gotten my restricted driver's licence.

I was quite skinny (for me) at this point. Misery and then too much partying did that for me!

1 year ago
Living with The Trouser in our then-almost-new-to-us apartment. We'd bee together for 3 1/2 years and were very happy (still are, just for the record!). MUCH better taste in men :-)

I'd gotten another job and resigned, and my boss responded by offering me a big, fat pay rise to stay. So I stayed. It was still stressful and busy, but I was geting plenty of money for it!

Still not knitting - spending lot of time on TradeMe though. Working some obscene hours, but loving it.

Got up late and went into work - the same job I've been in for almost 2 years now! Meetings (taking the minutes too, yuck) and lots of last-minute stuff ruined my plans for the work-day.

Bought all the cash etc. we need for our trip and recommended some cough syrup to the person at the bank who served me.

Spent what seemed like forever doing the final sewing-up on my grandmother's cardigan, including adding the pearl buttons I'd bought.

Still no packing.

Microwaved frozen meals for dinner (fettucine carbonara) courtesy of The Trouser when he came home from work & yoga @ 9pm.

I did watch some TV - TV2 mostly, but not the scary ghosties show at 10pm, since I am highly suggestible and it freaks me out.

Fell asleep late, again.

Up late again - the late nights do take their toll - and into work later than I like.

Lots and lots of annoying tasks at work, setting my plans back even further. It feels like I'll never be able to go on holiday!

On the up side, we had a great team lunch, and I had a fantastic development review with my boss. It never hurts to have someone tel you how fantastically you do your job!

Stayed late at work to talk over plans for my dad's surprise 60th birthday party (Mum's planning a lower-key affair than my dad will be happy with), and got home in time to microwave a frozen meal (butter chicken tonight) and sit in front of the VT while typing this on my laptop. The Trouser might be in by 9, but I doubt it.

Oh, and waaaaaaaay too buzzy from a large mocha this afternoon. Memo to self: coffee in any form is not good for me, but especially not when mixed with sugar.

Pretty much the same as today, minus the team lunch and plus a work morning tea. (We do have a lot of social stuff at work!)

I hope to get more work and knitting done though. And maybe see The Trouser a little earlier.

5 snacks I enjoy
Popcorn with salt, ground cumin and coriander.
Caramel popcorn.
Feta and dill dip from Turkish Kitchen, on pretty much anything, or straight from the container.
My home-made biscuits.

Hm. I tend to prefer savoury snack, but these were the first that came to mind...

5 bands/ singers that I know the lyrics of MOST of their songs
Ummm.... I like music but tend to listen to whatever is on.
Black-Eyed Peas
Do nursery rhymes and national anthems count?

Things I would do with $100,000,000
Hm, pay off our mortgage, visit our family and friends overseas.

Invest a lot.

Make some donations to things I care about, like women's refuge, and maybe my old university.

Buy The Trouser a really lovely present, like a Leica.

Maybe buy myself something nice, like some lovely shoes.

I think I'd probably keep my job, but work a little less. Only a little though.

5 locations I'd like to run away to
To The Trouser's grandmas' house (spoiled rotten and *such* comfortable beds, plus lots of unconditional love)
Anywhere The Trouser was, really! :-)

5 bad habits I have
Consuming low-quality literature and media (I am too embarassed to say what, exactly).
Leaving little mohair hairs all over the house when I knit with it.
Not making the bed before getting into it.
Wanting to spend money but feeling guilty for it.
Whining about people and things that bug me, even when people have heard it all before.

5 things I like doing
Spending time with The Trouser
Reading people's blogs
Relaxing with good friends
Giving presents

5 things I would never wear
White jeans
Boots that come over the knee
Tapered pants
Shoes that are too small

5 tv shows I like
OK, confession time here - low-quality media consumption revealed:
The Apprentice (such silliness!)
Sex and the City reruns on Sky (pretty clothes!)
Escape to the Country on Sky (perving into houses, plus the occasional trashy time-waster couple to laugh at)
The OC (90210, but with more sex and fewer anoying morals)
Shortland St (no idea why, but we watch it a lot)

5 movies I like
Well, obviously, The Sound of Music
Harry Potter movies (love the books, love the movies, even tho' the latter are inferior - it's HP after all!)
Um. I'm not really a big movie buff, either... Maybe:
Stand By Me (cute actors before they were cute)
ET (scared the crap out of me when I first saw it - ET was in my closet for the longest time!)
Ummm... Monsoon Wedding

5 famous people I'd like to meet
George W Bush - so I could tell him what an embarrassment to the human race he is.
The former pope - John Paul II - he looked like he could do with a hug. Didn't agree with him, but I felt fond of him nonetheless.
Tolkein - another dead person, but someone whose writing I really admire.
JK Rowling - because I do love her Harry!
Hmmm... Kofi Annan maybe? He does his best to make good things come out of a tough situation. Plus, he could probably do with a hug too.

5 biggest joys at the moment
The Trouser (sorry, it is repetitive, but it is also true!).
Knitting and making beautiful things.
The prospect of a holiday in not very many sleeps.
Doing a bloody good job at work, even though I am under-resourced and overworked.
Things that keep me warm, like heaters and fine merino jumpers from Glassons, and my own hand-knit cardigans.

5 favourite toys
Knitting needles - though they do some good work too!
My laptop, though I neglect it somewhat.
My new digital camera.
The blender, for quick breakfast smoothies.
Does Google count? If not then the Interweb.

Whew! What a long meme.

Hm, who to tag? If you haven't been tagged already:

Go to it!


Blogger jussi said...

You know, I never thought I would say "I miss Shortland St"...actually I don't, just made me feel homesick for a moment.

10:37 pm  
Blogger Violet said...

If you and I shared a single television, we would probably be either fighting over the remote or else never be in the tv room together at the same time.

5:37 pm  

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