Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Almost there...

Turns out I'm a lazy git when it comes to weekend plans - instead of loading the software I studiously avoided my laptop and spent the time knitting, instead. A friend is having a baby in late February, and I'm making a blanket (cotton, thanks to Violet; squares of different colours; each square using a lace pattern). So far I have 6/70.

It also turns out that my camera can't take a nice pic of The Ring. Never mind, I'll scan the pic from the bridal magazine and load it up that way. Thank heavens for employers with all the right tools!

I did plan to start the trip thing yesterday, but after 10 1/2 hours @ work I was shagged. So shagged I only knit 20-odd rows and gave up for the night.

Memo to self: must try harder!


Blogger Violet said...

cotton is good for a blanket. The advice I've heard is that you put the cotton layer on first, and the wool layer (if needed) on next.

5:24 pm  
Blogger The Skirt said...

It's kind of all your fault/ you I have to thank for the cotton obsession - it is so lovely and easy to knit, and it's so soft, and pretty!

Plus cotton makes for more of an heirloom-y item than synthetic, n'est-ce pas?

1:02 pm  

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