Friday, October 07, 2005

What not to eat

The new Chai Spice muffin from Starbucks.

I *****love***** chai.

This muffin was not chai- or spice-flavoured at all. It verged on blandness.

Furthermore, it left a savoury, garlicky flavour in my mouth.


Blogger Violet said...

Sounds yucky. I love their chai drink too though.

5:53 pm  
Blogger Shoebedoobedoo said...

Well Miss Skirt ... I have to be brutally honest and say I have little sympathy for those who go to Charbucks in the first place ... Try Centre of Gravity, great coffee and yummy things to eat.

12:40 pm  
Blogger The Skirt said...

Coffee? Not likely! Give me chai any day :-)

8:19 am  
Blogger Shoebedoobedoo said...

Darlin', they do coffee, tea and your chai-frappachino-mocha-latte thingees too.
Charbucks is pure evil.

1:03 pm  

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