Wednesday, October 05, 2005


Finally I took some photos of all my knitting projects.

Firstly, here's the Zhivago shrug, which I decided to knit in wool instead. The pattern called for crazy-long arms, so I ignored it and knit 43cm in rib, which still covers a good part of my hand.

And here's a close-up of the detail.

Next up is the baby blanket I'm knitting in cotton. Here you can see the 4 coloured squares. I think I'll just repeat the 4 and use one of the colours for edging.

And here's The Trouser, holding up River so far. By "so far", I mean at 70-odd rows, with 3 major unravelling sessions behind me. Now I'm a fanatic and count every stitch of every row, and check every 3 rows or so that I haven't screwed it up again.

The colour is off in both the photos - it's a lovely, soft sage green. But the detail is pretty impressive, as you can see!

And finally, a scarf I knitted for The Trouser ages ago. he was looking all work-y, so I interrupted him to be my model-slave :-)

Still no pics of The Ring - I need to scan it from the magazine. But I'll get there...


Blogger jacqueline said...

you are doing so well with river! i really need to get back to it.

and i love that scarf you knitted for the trouser.

12:00 am  

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