Monday, October 10, 2005

Family weekend-o-rama

Coming to work today was a bit of a relief after the busy weekend we had!

On Friday My baby bro turned up at work around lunchtime (okay, my lunchtime - 2pm or later) to pick up the keys to our place. After work we hung out/ tidied and tried to stay awake long enough to pick my other little brother up from the airport.

His flight was late, so it was nearly 2AM when we got home. After trying to impress on the bros how important it was to get a good night's sleep for a jam-packed day, I tumbled into bed. The Trouser made it in just before I fell asleep at 3.45AM - the bros talked further into the night.

Which explains why one of them was impossible to drag out of bed at 11AM the next day. By the time we'd all eaten and had showers (peppered with me interrupting their long talks to get them moving), it was late. We squeezed in a highly successful trip into town (2 pairs of shoes for the baby, who sorely needed them!), but were late to the venue for decoration.

So late, in fact, that my older bro, who is always late, was there before us. Quelle horreur!

We came, we saw, we decorated. We also ate Wendy's, and the bros pissed about quite a lot. Back home to get ready; running late *again* thanks to my lazy little bro, who was getting on my wick by that stage.

The party itself was really good - Dad had **no** idea whatsoever, and his face was priceless. Job well done!

The next day we had a family brunch, present-opening session and general faff about. It was fun and all, but I was also happy to get back home with The Trouser for some quiet time.

Of course, that wasn't the end of it - once I'd tidied up after my siblings I'd found all sorts of things that needed to be returned immediately. Bah.

There can be too much of a good thing - in this case, my family. The memebrs who are vaguely organised and responsible are a delight. Those who aren't are still lovely people, but they drive me mad...

I know I sound like a grumpy old bag. In my defense, sleep deprivation and the (illegal) crappy music blasting from the receptionist's PC are making me a bit pissier than usual.

On a more positive note, the birthday presents we bought (it was a triple b'day celebration - parentals and big bro) went down very well. And I received some lovely wool and a fabulous cloth-covered hardback book as belated gifts too :-)


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