Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Almost there...

Turns out I'm a lazy git when it comes to weekend plans - instead of loading the software I studiously avoided my laptop and spent the time knitting, instead. A friend is having a baby in late February, and I'm making a blanket (cotton, thanks to Violet; squares of different colours; each square using a lace pattern). So far I have 6/70.

It also turns out that my camera can't take a nice pic of The Ring. Never mind, I'll scan the pic from the bridal magazine and load it up that way. Thank heavens for employers with all the right tools!

I did plan to start the trip thing yesterday, but after 10 1/2 hours @ work I was shagged. So shagged I only knit 20-odd rows and gave up for the night.

Memo to self: must try harder!

Friday, September 23, 2005


I am a very slack blogger.


I promise to try to install and figure out my digital camera software on hy laptop this weekend, so I can start taking and posting lovely pictures.

I will also try to upload a few lovely pics from our trip, and give your a brief rundown on the good, bad and ugly we encountered. Oh, and I'll tell you what the sights were like too :-)

I will also take a photo of the shrug I'm almost done with, and, perhaps a photo of my lovely new engagement ring.

I'd describe my ring, but words kind of fail me. Ok, they don't - but it's hard to describe and it's simply much more beautiful too look at.

Once I've done all that, then I will allow myself to blog about all the things I've been thinking and would usually blog about (but felt too guilty to till I tidied up my backlog).

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

An alternative wedding idea?

Hmm, a 100% knitted wedding....

Maybe not for me, but it does challenge me to think about what I can knit for my own wedding :-)

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Important update!

There are lots of things I should post about - our holidays and some pics, the election (bah), and my progress on my knitting (almost finished the shrug I negelected to knit all holiday long).

And I will - once my shrug is finished and I'm less distracted by getting back into the daily routine of life at home and at work.

But ANYWAY, I have bigger and lovelier news to share:

The Trouser asked me to marry him last night.

And I said yes.


Thursday, September 08, 2005


These I like.

Hanging out for Harry

Because I am a librarian's daughter, I like my books to be nice. And in my world, nice means that if I buy a series of books, they have to be matching.

If one's hard cover, they all have to be hard cover. They all have to be the same format (small or large-sized paperbacks, for example), and be a matching set.

When I bought the first 3 Harry Potter books, I got the paperbacks. They were a lot cheaper than the hardbacks (being a librarian's daughter, I know that getting 3 books for the price of 2 is a good deal), and they were there.

The situation backfires every time a new book is released, though - I have to wait 6 months for the paperbacks to appear to get my very own copy.

It is a long wait.

I know, I could get over the matching thing and just buy a copy.

I could reserve at my local library for only NZ$1 and read it (if my name ever came to the front of the line). Though I do object to paying for what I think should be part of the library's core services...

So the upshot is this: no, I haven't read it yet, and yes, I am dying to. Roll on January!

Meanwhile, this made me smile: the value of a Galleon in Euros or pounds. Obviously it was a slow day at the office for them...

Monday, September 05, 2005

Work again


Sunday, September 04, 2005

And back again

What a trip!

Between the lost passport (cheers, NZ Post, you suck big time), multiple trips to various medical facilities, and rude relatives, it could have been a bust.

But thanks to (other) lovely relatives, great food, travel insurance and good senses of humour, it was great.

Most of all it was great because I had the best travelling companion in the whole world. Strong, reliable, good at finding fun places, and a really, really superb nurse. Trouser, you are the best!

The laundry has piled up and I have to work again tomorrow (so not ready to go back at all, let alone so soon!), so that's all for now. But I will post some more stuff and even some nice pics soon :-)