Thursday, November 23, 2006

Lessons I've learned

(very recently)

- Always make sure you have your keys in your bag before you leave the house. Especially if you need said keys to access the building, and the other key-holders work further away from home than you.

- Never depend on the building manager being around when you need him.

- Be nice to your co-workers, so they will lend you their car to drive home to drop off the set of keys you purloined by accident.

- Be nice to your neighbours, so they will buzz you in and give you a glass of wine to while away the time until someone comes to drop off the extra set of keys they took.

- When a staple jams your stapler, stop and try to extract it. Don't keep stapling, because you'll end up with lots of jammed staples.

- It's harder to get multiple jammed staples out than just one.

- Staples can break and leave bits inside that keep the jam going.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think the staple one is a metaphor for life, and hence a lesson for life.

We all need to take time to remove our jammed up staples!

5:11 pm  
Blogger Violet said...

Being nice to your neighbours can really pay off, so I think you learned a really good thing there :-)

7:17 pm  
Anonymous ruth said...

I can see how the "Life is like a stapler" analogy can work very well. =)

8:45 pm  

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