Friday, November 10, 2006

The times they are a-changing

On an international front: no more Rumsfeld, and Democrats in the US Houses. I hope Rumsfeld's replacement isn't a giant jackass, but he's been appointed by Bush, so I don't hold out much hope.

I'm sure my US relatives are largely despairing. This is because (hold your breath, dirty secret about to be revealed) most of them are Republicans. One of them is an ex-oil man who donates very, very large sums of money to the cause.

I do have a few normal US relatives - by which I mean non-Republicans. There's my cousin, the Deomcrat, whose father is so upset about it he won't speak about politics with him. He's a great guy; when The Trouser met him, he decided we were like the male and female versions of each other. That's weird, but even more weird is the fact that we're so similar when we've grown up so very far apart.

I also have the hippie aunt and her daughter. The hippie aunt got married without any undergarments, as my dad occasionally likes to tell us. How does he know? Becauise she got changed into her wedding dress at her (hippie) wedding on the hillside, and Dad happened to be nearby. My aunt used to live with a great guy who seemed to have quite strong communist leanings, and was up on a few of the conspiracy theories surrounding the US government. (I know, he sounds loopy, but he is really the most logical and sensible guy.) I think these relatives are probably more like Green party supporters - but hey, they aren't Republicans, I don't mind!

On a personal note, I've been to the gym in our building twice in the past week. The wedding is coming up, winter is ending (well, according to the calendar, if not the weather!) and I figure I ought to get some sort of exercise. Oh, and in spite of our weekend shopping spree (I needed some weekend-appropriate clothes), I have a pair of jeans I don't quite fit into that I'd like to wear. So off to the gym we've gone.

Exercise is dead boring, so we bring music - and I plan to get some audio books. I also limit my workout so I don't die of boredom: 15 min on the bike, some arm weight thingees, then 20 min or so on the treadmill, at a very, very fast walk (running gives me shinsplints).

I'm not expecting amazing results, just a bit of toning and perhaps a little bit of slimming (trying to be careful on the food front too). Two things are keeping me going: it is lovely to come back from the gym, have a bath or shower, and then laze around in my pjs; and even after only a couple of sessions, I have loads more energy. Long may the optimism last!

And now, a question: have you ever made a tofurkey/ tofurky? (According to Google, the latter spelling is more common, which just shows how illiterate people really are.) We're doing an early Christmas/ late Thanksgiving dinner, and The Trouser is very keen on some fake meat. I like the look of this recipe but am open to suggestions...


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