Friday, November 03, 2006

Highs and lows

I'm still having trouble putting photos in - instead of simply freezing up as I upload the pics, they upload but don't insert. Guess I'll have t try later... Again...

I've always been the "bad news before good", "dirty work before fun" kind of person, so let's start with the lows...

- I've had the same snotty, coughing, yucky cold for 4 weeks now. I'm really, really sick of it.

- When we saw the A&E doctor he was an ass. (Don't go to the Beach Rd A&E in Auckland City if the only doctor on is a man. He's a snotty man who leaves anatomical models around, but doesn't like you touching them. And if you d and you're not the patient, he questions why you're in the consulting room. Actually, if you aren't the patient he doesn't like you there at all, and is rude about it.)

- He gave me forms for blood tests and a chest x-ray. I've never had an x-ray and an terrified at the thought of needing one, let alone having one. (Teeth don't count, I love my dentist!)

- I did the blood tests, and they made me feel gross for the rest of the day, because I have low blood pressure, and I always get really dizzy for ages afterwards (even though I'm lying down). This time it took about half an hour for me to be able to get up and go.

- The antibiotics he gave me (which I didn't even have to ask for!) are making me feel tired and a bit nauseous, even though I eat loads when I take them.

Ok, enough whinging...

- I had a lovely manicure and while my nails are a weensy bit shorter than I'd like (my fault, I said quite short, and for once someone took me literally), I love, love, love the black nailpolish I chose. And my manicurist was really lovely.

- I have a facial this afternoon. Mmm, facials.

- I finally received the Kid Silk Haze I'd ordered from Knitworld. Okay, it was late, and really, really expensive ($54 for 2 balls, plus a whopping $10 for postage - which was just mail, not a courier - I'll order direct from Christchurch next time and have it couriered for $5) - but it arrived. So last night I made a start on Grammie's River. I managed to cast on and knit 36 rows, which is great progress.

- I've finished the sleeves for Martha. More on Martha at Summeralong

- We're having a tasting for the wedding reception food tomorrow night, and my parents are coming along. Then on Saturday we're going to meet the cake lady, who is really lovely, and apparently an old family friend. Even better, we pretty much know what we want, which will speed things up a fair bit!

- Although he can't make it for our wedding, my favourite person from high school is coming home for Christmas, and bringing his girlfriend/ partner with him. It's the first girl he's shacked up with, and the first one he's brought back to NZ, so I'm really looking forward to meeting her. I hope she'll excuse my very poor German!

- We had trick-or-treaters on Tuesday night - our good friends with the world's cutest almost-one-year-old. She was dressed up as a chick, and her dad rented an enormous yellow fluffy chicken suit. It was hilarious! What a shame this is anonyblogging, and the photos are too fantastic for you not to want to send them on to everyone you know - otherwise I'd post them.


Blogger Violet said...

bummer about the long sickness, but the good stuff sounded pretty good though.

2:37 pm  
Blogger Sarah said...

Get well soon!

That is expensive ksh. Next time buy it from Jannette's Rare Yarns on eBay! I think she still has free shipping on the ksh so it works out quite cheap. Or I could get you some from Knitworld.

I was there the other day and they had a ball of white ksh in the half price bin. I couldn't resist. Now I'm not sure what to make with it...

5:37 am  
Blogger jussi said...

funny - the Drs who don't like extras in the consulting room are just the kind of Dr that you need to have someone else with you!

whoa - that is some expensive postage, but the yarn shop in the city in Sydney is the same, they charged my husband $20 postage to stick a Jordana Paige bag in a tuffbag (no bubblewrap or even a plastic bag)(with honking great staples that could have ripped the bag) and we live 5 minutes drive from the shop!

12:36 pm  

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