Friday, October 27, 2006

Ding dong the bitch is...well, leaving in 7 weeks

The news I was waiting for was finally announced a couple of days ago.

The nasty boss is leaving... in about 7 weeks.

It isn't the immediate exit that would have made us all a lot happier. It also isn't the "right" way to do things - the [insert name of fancy consulting firm here] way is to leave within the week.

But she will be going.

Not too longer after that, I had a meeting with her boss, to discuss my leaving strategy etc. and it was clear that he and I were on the same page regarding my work, which was timely reinforcement.

My only - and admittedly very small - worry is that our leaving functions may be combined. Frankly, I'd rather eat my own toenails than let that happen. I guess we'll see...


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