Thursday, October 05, 2006


I had some M&Ms today - regular/plain - and they tasted... well, funny. A little pukey, almost.

I know there are rumours that American chocolate tastes pukey, but I checked - they were made in Australia.

It's okay, the funny over-sweetness and general lack of depth (which, together, combine to make a distinctive "pukey" taste) didn't stop me eating nearly the whole 55g package.

But I won't buy them again. Peanut M&Ms, maybe - but never the plain.


Blogger longingheart said...

I have had that before with hersey kisses. I called and complained and they said that it could have been b/c they went through temperature changes. Mine too tasted very pukey!

2:44 am  
Blogger jussi said...

there is nothing like kiwi chocolate - we haven't even got Cadbury desserts in Oz yet! My kids keep teasing me - but the little blighters don't send me any!

I'm glad that you didn't let taste overwhelm your duty to finish that packet!

12:42 pm  

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