Monday, October 02, 2006

More wedding planning

It's been awhile since I've posted about the wedding plans, which are coming on fairly well. New developments are:

- We have dresses for the brides- and groomsmaids. They should arrive in Auckland before Xmas, which means some intensive knitting to get the lace wraps ready in time.

- We have a car, so I'll turn up to get married.

- We're meeting a potential celebrant on the weekend, and if we like her, it will be good. We have some ideas regarding the ceremony, including readings and vows.

- We have contact details for a cake lady.

- My wedding band is "on layby". They re-sized it and then we paid a deposit (wrong way around, surely?), but we've decided to keep the money in the mortgage as long as possible, so we'll pay for it closer to the day.

- We have an action plan for dealing with my uncle who decided that since our ceremony was outside, he'd invite all his grandkids.

- The invitations will be printed soon. It only took 6 drafts to get everything how we wanted it. (Memo to invitation printers: capitalising Random words Does not make Them More important, It Only looks Stupid.)

I'm hoping we'll make some progress on boys' clothes and The Trouser's ring this coming weekend.


Blogger Violet said...

you're handknitting the wraps for the wedding? Aren't you busy enough as it is?

7:24 pm  

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