Tuesday, November 08, 2005


We went to Ken Yakitori for dinner on Sunday night. It's so close I don't understand why we don't go more often. Maybe because it's a great snack place, but quite expensive for a full meal, unless you are not a piggy like me!

Their website is terrible, but the food is superb. My favourites include:

- The "cocktail", which tastes like lollies but is very potent - apple or grape flavour please!

- The green tea - very delicate and fragrant, most unlike the swill you get if you use a green tea bag as instructed on the packet.

- The garlic, especially when it's really singed.

- Teriyaki tofu. Crispy, soft, light, silky smooth.. so many textures from one superb piece of tofu, plus teriyaki sauce - heaven!

I also love the corn, sticky potato cakes, and kumara, but The Trouser doesn't love them as much as I do.

Clearly he is just the weensiest bit insane. But lovely to suggest going there nonetheless.


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