Friday, November 04, 2005

Motivation (of sorts)

I haven't been knitting that much recently. A trip to the library has helped to distract me, but I've generally found my enthusiasm waning.

An obvious reaction to knitting overkill, you might think.

But no, it's because I'm dead bored with my WIPs (that's works in progress).

The shawl for my pregnant friend is coming along well - I'm down 2 balls of yarn, with only 2 to go. I'm knitting it on 6 1/2mm needles, not the 4mm ones recommended, so I get a looser knit. It is quite striking (have taken photos but keep forgetting to find the camera cable!), but quite uninspiring to knit - stocking stitch all the way.

The baby blanket has been temporarily halted while I've tried to focus on the wrap.

And River is still languishing, not quite forgotten, but less important because it's not related to a due date!

I need to get at least the first 2 WIPs done so I can focus on some new, exciting, and perhaps more swiftly rewarding, projects.

Ooof. Guess my planned trip to the library this weekend is off, then.


Blogger Violet said...

Can you not knit whilst at the library? I remember getting the knitting bug in the Eighties, and knitting in front of the telly most nights. Mind you, I never created anything particularly complex (or even wearable).

9:54 am  

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