Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Summer has come prematurely at my office

The air conditioning hasn't been working for at least a week now.

The day starts out in muggy, stale air of around 22C, and climbs to 27C of even muggier, stale-r nastiness.

The people in charge of these sorts of issues in our office are downstairs, where the air is cooler, and since they're closer to fresh air from the doors, they aren't struggling to keep awake.

Oh, and they have some windows that can be opened.

So instead of freezing in cold air as we're used to (around 14C year-round), we're sweltering. It's hotter inside that it is out.

Aaaarrgghhhhhh! Too hot, sticky and tired to care anymore. Is it the weekend yet?


Blogger Shoebedoobedoo said...

To risk sounding totally PC, that is a health and safety issue and you need to assert your rights! By law, if the temperature in your office in above 23dC (and this cannot be controlled) then you are not obligated to remain in that workplace ... you could try the whole "work from home" thing ...

1:36 pm  

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