Tuesday, November 08, 2005


I can't quite believe that Rod Donald is dead.

Despite youthful proclamations that I would become the Prime Minister, I don't really hold too many politicians in any sort of regard, high or otherwise.

But I liked Rod Donald - who, if you aren't from NZ, was the co-leader of our Green Party.

He wore crazy red suspenders, and during the latest election, someone broadcast footage of him putting the laundry on the line while using his special hands-free phone kit: a big elastic band that held the phone to his head.

Ups to the man who:

- Doesn't buy expensive electronics when something simpler will do (I love you really, Trouser, but it was really cute!).
- Looks silly but is either totally unaware or doesn't care.
- Hangs out laundry.

I liked Rod Donald - he seemed like the kind of guy I'd like as my neighbour or relative or boss. Smart, committed, focused, and with a sense of humour.

I liked - and still like - the Green Party for having co-leaders: acknowledging that 2 heads arev better than one, and role-modelling cooperation and collaboration in a "profession" that discourages such values.

New Zealand really is a great deal poorer for the loss of Rod Donald.


Blogger The Editter said...

Well said. I think his telephone headpiece was made from a bicycle inner tube. Some old bicycle part, anyway. He lived by his values!

3:17 pm  

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