Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Shock, horror!

I nearly passed out from surprise this morning when a government employee was interviewed on television.

The interviews happen often enough - hell, even the PM gets a regular slot. But what a shock: the interviewee conducted herself with grace, spoke clearly, made her case, and didn't rise to gibes or get flustered by the interviewer's inane questions!

Mary Anne Thompson, Department of Labour deputy secretary, I salute you!

You are one damn good employee. You took some of the blame, yet didn't mea culpa yourself all over the floor. You also (quite rightly) allocated some of the blame to the Immigration Service as a whole.

You were calm; treated the situation with the gravity it required; you didn't lie. Most of all, you didn't tell Paul Henry what a prick he was, that he wasn't really asking the right questions, or that you'd continue to give the same response to the same question, even if he re-worded it.

I wonder if you're naturally rockin' like that, or if it was handy media training? Either way, there are lessons to be learned here - MPs, high-ranking government employees, take note.

So. Bet you weren't expecting a post that included something vaguely political, huh? So, to bring my posts back to the subjects I know well, I thought I'd take the opportunity to rant about one of my least favourite TV programmes.

Breakfast is a moderately crappy show, with uninspiring "stock" presenters: a lippy middle-aged white male who thinks he's hot stuff, and a blonde woman with children who occasionally protests at the male's stupidity, and shows a softer side so we don't think the producers are wankers (we still do, BTW). Remember Mike Hosking and Kate Hawkesby? Well, it ain't them, but it may as well be - the only differences are the names, weights and ages (older in this case - who would've guessed?).

Mmmmph. Breakfast, with your outdated "wacky news" (usually posted on Ananova at least a week before it airs on your show); old news recycled from the night before; stupid, irrelevant and downright boring personal asides, you really suck.

Moral of the story: unless Mary Anne Thompson has an interview scheduled, stick to cartoons.


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