Friday, April 15, 2005

iPod mini case/ cover

Just in case you happen to know some keen knitters (or you knit yourself and have half an hour or so to spare) and you have an iPod mini, here's the pattern for the iPod mini case that I knitted for The Trouser:

Using 2 3/4mm needles (I think that's a US size 12) and 8-ply wool, cast on 40 stitches.

Row 1: *k1, p1*; rep from * to * until end. Try to knit with a fairly firm tension - you don't want your baby to slip out of its case!

Row 2 and all other rows: same as row 1. Keep knitting until your rectangle is just over 20cm long, then cast off.

It will look far too skinny, but it's ribbed - it will stretch. Really.

Sew up the sides to form a little bag, then sew a button on the front. Knit a loop of wool (or just use a single strand) that will loop over the top of the iPod mini and onto the button, to hold it in place. Fasten this to the back of the case.

Give your case a little stretch, then slide in your iPod mini.

If you're like The Trouser and you like stripes, change the wool colour every 8 rows for horizontal stripes that are approx. 2cm deep.

My new mission in life: warm and toasty iPod minis for the masses! (It will be winter soon, after all!)


Blogger Nyx said...

That's a good idea, almost makes me want an Ipod mini just so I can get me one of these. Actually, I was wondering what I wanted for my birthday...

9:52 pm  
Blogger The Skirt said...

It has been a really, really good present - I am so glad I decided we should look for one in duty-free!

If you do get one, make sure it's the new-generation kind. Apparently they have a much better battery life, plus they are slightly nicer looking. If/ when you do get one, I'd be happy to donate a cover!

9:43 am  

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