Wednesday, March 30, 2005


After reading This Chick's blog for awhile, but never really commenting much (I'm not a lurker, I just don't like to comment unless I feel really moved to do so - no sense in clogging up comment spaces with rambling - that's what this blog is for!), I discovered that she and I have something more in common, apart from wanting to be slimmer (the subject of a later post, methinks): knitting.

I have blogged a tiny bit about knitting before (here and here), and mentioned it to my mostly-much-older colleagues, but I don't actually know anyone my own age or thereabouts who knits, or would admit to it. Which is just plain crazy, given that some lovely stores have hand-knit garments (that aren't even that nice or consistently knit) for sale for some outrageous prices (Stella Gregg, long cream hooded cardi in garter stitch for nearly $300, anyone?).

But thanks to the wonder of the Interweb, I can now see what This Chick is knitting! And lo and behold, she's just started the wrap cardigan I'm finishing (just sewing up the last half of the collar seam, so it's as good as done). Yay!

Nice to know that someone else out there is doing the same sort of thing.


Blogger Caitie said...

OMG, knitting is HUGE in my dorm. My roommate is crazy about it (we all recieved some sort of knitted treasure for Christmas and Birthdays). I'm currently working on what I have termed the "Never-ending-scarf". I swear rows are disappearing as I continue... I just don't seem to be getting anywhere! :(

5:19 pm  
Blogger c'lam said...

i can do all sorts of fancy pants stitches, but i just cannot work out how to follow a bloody pattern!

2:30 am  
Blogger Nyx said...

This is a skill I'd love to know but have no idea where to learn. Don't you usually get taught by someone you know who knows you know?

2:15 pm  
Blogger The Skirt said...

I got taught by an aunt (my mummy doesn't knit), but I bet that you could learn from someone else's mum, or there might even be classes that a wool shop might know about.

I suck at the fancy slip-stitching kind of knitting (well, I've never tried it, but it looks damn hard), but I can manage to follow a pattern - unlike my forays into sewing!

3:49 pm  
Anonymous Sarah said...

My mother taught me to knit when I was about five, and my Grandad taught me a few stitches when I was little. I still think of myself as a beginner, though! Compared to Mum, who spins and all of that, I am!!

There are quite a few good books with basic stuff in, and yep, if you see someone knitting, get them to show ya! Though, I tried to teach a lefty once - I think we both ended up crying. :-S

I'm working on the front of my wrap cardigan now. Slowly, but surely. :-) I think I spent about $65 including the pattern book and a few needles, so it's definitely cheaper than the one I was eyeing up in the stores. :-)

8:35 am  

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