Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Things that are making me happy today

A lovely Phoenix chai (good made with soy milk, but I'd love one made with VitaSoy ricemilk one day...)

A heater to warm my toes, and an employer that will pay for the insane amount of electricity it takes to keep it going all day long (such are the perils of air-conditioned offices!).

The bosses being away, meaning I can get on with my current work in peace (no additional projects cropping up every 15 minutes).

Wearing jeans and sometimes sneakers to work, because the bosses are away and it's cold. (I do like them, really - absence makes the heart grow fonder, right?)

A wheat bag at night to warm up the bed before I get in.

Having lots of healthy and delicious food in the freezer for when The Trouser and I are too lazy to cook.

Even better, The Trouser doing the re-heating and cleaning up!

A very clean cooktop to cook on when we are less lazy (thank you for cleaning it dear!).

Snuggling up on the couch under a blanket to watch TV.

Leucodendrons instead of flowers on our kitchen bench, making our place look a teensy, weensy bit like somewhere out of an architectural/ home beautiful-style magazine.

The prospect of new carpet in the near future. (We're newbies at this though, so anyone who wants to give us some advice, feel free to leave a comment.)

An ample supply of personal (and thus soft and scented) tissues at work for the days when I have the sniffles.


Blogger Peter said...

I am happy to see on my website stats that some people have looked at those Leucodendrons. I agree that they can create a different style. Thanks for the idea.
I am even happier that the stats led me to enjoy reading this blog. I acknowledge the quality of the writing. I smile as I read of the joyful and interesting experiences written in each post.

11:21 am  

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