Thursday, April 28, 2005

My good deed for the week

I took my recently-arrived-in-Auckland-fresh-from-her-soon-to-be-ex-husband colleague shopping last night.

There was a sale on at a store, and she mentioned how she needed winter clothes for the cooler climes of Auckland. She also mentioned her fear of being "mutton dressed as lamb", despite looking in her early 30s, a full decade younger than she is.

Anyway, we went, we battled crowds, piles of clothes (much of which were ripped or otherwise so unwearable that they were not seconds, more like fifths!), loooooong queues and heat, and emerged successful.

She felt guilty about taking my time up, even though I suggested the whole thing, and expressed many times that since I'm furiously saving, shopping vicariously would be perfect.

She felt so guilty that she bought me dinner, and also paid for a dinner to bring home for The Trouser, who spent his Skirt-less time at a yoga class.

Anyway, a good deed accomplished. And I've promised to do some research into the other items of clothing she wants, so we can undertake a more targeted expedition soon - but one without a 20-minute wait to pay :-) Between my knitting habit (still suspended as I suspect that Violet is right - I may have OOS in my finger) and my desire to save to spend up in our trip to the Americas later this year, vicarious shopping will pretty much be the only kind I'll be doing in the next while!


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