Friday, March 04, 2005

It's Friday afternoon...

so it must be time for a spot of covert work-blogging!

Time seems to have sped up in Skirt-world recently - although there are definitely parts of the day that drag, for the most part the week has flown by. Not much time for blogging, so I figured an update was in order.

The Trouser and I **loved** the Lantern Festival. It was very convenient to walk up and find ourselves dinner each night - why o why did it stop after only 3 days? My newly-arrived-in-Auckland colleague seemed perhaps a little phased by all the weird-sounding food, but she gamely sampled a wide variety of delicious treats (and some very yucky spicy plum juice).

Our top picks were: vegetarian bbq pork buns (thanks to the creator of TVP), and fortune noodles from the lovely Buddhists. I also loved the chicken satay from "Malaysia Food" (we know the great guy who runs the stall, and his chicken satay are definitely the best!); The Trouser was keen on the pearl milk tea (too tea-y tasting for me - I prefer Queen St's Ice Shop version or EasyWay on Dominion Rd), and the tvp chicken satay (since he's a veggie).

The only crap thing about the festival (apart from the disgusting mess everywhere - hello people, the bins were everywhere and constantly emptied!) were those damn mosquitoes.

You see, when I get bitten, I have a severe localised allergic reaction. Which basically means that not only do the bites itch like crazy, but if I scratch or slap them even the tiniest bit, they more than quadruple in size, get really hard, and develop a large hot, red patch all around them.

It is not dissimilar to how a giant's nipple might look. Imagine these all over your legs and arms. Classy, huh?

Anyway, we had a great time. The Trouser often bemoans the fact that it is nigh-impossible to purchase cheap and tasty food from the side of the road, as you can in Asia. Although I agree it would be nice, I am big on the whole hygiene and no-food poisoning thing (having had campylobacter twice already!).

Our favourite "roadside" food place has to be the masala dosa stand at the Aotea Markets. Mmm, delicious masala dosas. If you have never tried one, you really should. They are even better than the masala dosa restaurant on Mt Eden Rd - and that is saying something!

On that note, I think I will go and do a bit more work. I did mean to write a nice long list (still keen to get rid of the map that's messing up the formatting), but I might be brave and do it on my own time. After all, some fidelity to my employer is probably a good idea. Especially since I just found out that I get an extra week's leave, just for being me :-) Bless large organisations for their administrative incompetence - it makes your entitlement seem like a special gift once it's finally discovered!


Blogger Violet said...

I can get enthusiastic over anything with cardaomom or coriander in it (though not in the same dish). Its such a pity that Cantonese food doesn't contain either.

6:27 pm  
Blogger EB said...

Masala dosa sounds nice.

9:43 am  
Blogger cesca said...

Sorry, this is related to your post before last... Just thought I'd let you know that I had the same problem with the map on my site! But then I went into the Edit section and I was able to resize it by "stretching" the borders around... can't remember if it was in the HTML tabbed section or the normal typing section...

5:36 pm  
Blogger The Skirt said...

Mmm, coriander and cardamom, yum!

And masala dosa are **so** good - must find and post the name of the restaurant, tho Satya do a great one too.

11:04 am  

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