Monday, March 07, 2005

A confession

My pseudonym is not entirely apt.

Although I have named myself "The Skirt", I should probably be called "the collector of shoes". A passion for fine footwear developed early in my childhood, and it never abated. Although it was a crappy job that didn't pay too well, I fondly remember my days (and evenings) working at one of NZ's better shoe stores.

I am not an Imelda Marcos - I demand beauty and quality at low, low prices. The lower the better - and never full price unless the footwear is divine and I am feeling very flush.

My #1 tip to you is this: No 1 Shoe Warehouse. It will take time and you must be prepared to try lots and lots of footwear on - you have to be able to envisage the potential to shop well here - but it has loads of good stuff. I might also add that it doesn't just have cheap crap - there are leather, leather-lined shoes there too. It just takes a bit of scavenging.

So I haven't bought anything there yet - I've found bargains that are either too large or too small - but I am ever-hopeful. Hell, for NZ$19.95, who wouldn't be?

And to the other confession: every work morning, I read Manolo's Shoe Blog. While I don't agree with some of his comments (David Hasselhoff will never be anything but scary to me), it is very amusing, and I do love to read about shoes, even if they are out of my reach!

I am wearing a pair of new shoes today - mushroom-coloured, pointy-toed, ankle-strapped beauties. They were less than half price from Diana Ferrari last time I was in Sydney. Very comfy (quite important) and very beautiful (always important), and now I have one less pair of shoes that I've bought and not yet worn, yay!


Blogger Violet said...

I'm a fan of the No.1 Shoe Warehouse too. I bought some fab ankle-boots from there for five bucks last winter.

5:32 pm  
Blogger Caitie said...

OMG i know what you mean! i LOVE shoes! i brought 45 pairs to university with roommate brought 3! and naturally all of them are high heeled, dressy sandals that are COMPLETELY useless on campus...but just so pretty to look at that i love them :)

5:12 pm  

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